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Armen Crew · TUNNEL 058 - Sojbdor
TUNNEL 058, Armen Crew invite Sojbdor, 2020, 1'00'09

Sans Blabla, Mix: 20 Sojbdor invite Spatiosselet @CampusFM, 2020, 1'00'04

Sans Blabla, Mix: 19 fuck the police @CampusFM, 2020, 59'38'

Sans Blabla, Mix: 18 with friends edit 2 @CampusFM, 2020, 1'01'20

Sans Blabla, Mix: 17 with friends edit 1 @CampusFM, 2020, 44'48

Manifeste Triangulaire, 2020, Ep of 4 tracks

In Manifeste Triangulaire the sound elements combine in the space of Euclidean geometry to compose a cold and industrial atmosphere. Textures shift and repeat themselves, measurements are cut out by the abrasive intervention of punctual events with very strict coordinates. The modules fluctuate and fail to cause asphyxiation of their continuity in order to allow the rotor to nestle into its stator
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Human Machine, 2020, Ep of 4 tracks

The Human Machine is one of the demons that live in the underworld with the Crisis that is like their king. He looks human. They like to spread evil on earth by making their victims consume
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The Pull Of The Chaos, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 70 x 110 cm

Die Blume, 2020, poster, 108 x 135 cm

Sans Blabla, Mix: 16 present Sojbdor @CampusFM, 2020, 1'00'27

Sans Blabla, Mix: 15 house control @CampusFM, 2020, 1'00'11

Sans Blabla, Mix: 14 minimal techno @CampusFM, 2020, 47'33

Sans Blabla, Mix: 13 house @CampusFM, 2020, 57'26

Sans Blabla, Mix: 12 little tribe @CampusFM, 2020, 51'04

Sans Blabla, Mix: 11 trash technology @CampusFM, 2020, 56'48

Sans Blabla, Mix: 10 organic house @CampusFM, 2020, 59'29

Sans Blabla, Mix: 9 dark ambient @CampusFM, 2020, 58'37

Sans Blabla, Mix: 8 qu'est ce que ça veut dire d'être emo aujourd'hui @CampusFM, 2020, 59'56

Sans Blabla, Mix: 7 spécial règles @CampusFM, 2020, 59'51

Sans Blabla, Mix: 6 super crack @CampusFM, 2020, 1'00'33

Sans Blabla, Mix: 5 orienté cinéma @CampusFM, 2020, 1'09'52

Sans Blabla, Mix: 4 intimate electrode @CampusFM, 2020, 1'00'12

Sans Blabla, Mix: 3 jazz groovy @CampusFM, 2020, 1'01'57

Sans Blabla, Mix: 2 cloudy techno @CampusFM, 2020, 1'04'21

Sans Blabla, Mix: 1 horror techno @CampusFM, 2020, 1'01'51

Gazwerk Fanzine, 2020, monthly fanzine with Julia Castel and Anna Bresoli, Rummelsbourg, Berlin

Identified Riding Object, 2020, music by Sojbdor, artwork by Armen Crew

In these obscure times of chaos and high-speed spreading of micro-organisms, a sound meeting takes place in secret. We've prepared you what you need to beat the troubles. Put your sights on the Armen Crew's new compilation.Six varied tracks between Electro, Breakbeat and Techno by Cryptox, Sojbdor, Alaskan Pipeline, Lemon Schaden, Mirouf and La Grande Gudule

Master High Kick, 2020, digital art, 2480x520px

Sans Blabla, 2020, on CampusFM Toulouse, 1:00:00 :

Sojbdor hosts a bimensual radio show dedicated to the dark ambient bouncy and techno music. Two Thursday per months at 23: 00. Sojbdor mix new releases of techno music and also music of her friends, friends of friends and of course her favorite producers and djs. The music played depends on her moods and sometimes, it makes her nostalgic

Sojbdorfreakyfreaky, 2020 .gif

Making a .gif and an interview for Freaky Freaky Magazine, an independent magazine about Fashion, Digital Art + Queer Culture

I Don't Know If It Is The Virus The Problem, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 70 x 110 cm

Melting, 2020, acrylic on canvas, 140 x 80 cm

Input Mono Thin, 2020, Video Clip, 1:26

UNICREAM, 2019, Video Game and music

It's a kind of heavenly portfolio in an immersive 3D space ; the first version of UNICREAM has been online since 2019. In UNICREAM, the player is in real time, freely roams the archives of Sojbdor : paintings, drawings and installations. This virtual museum, is visible for free, leaves the visitor to explore this new world and meet some eccentric personalities. The work challenges us by asking us certain questions: "What is real ? Where are you ? How can you see virtual art today ?"